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eBay Services in Upper Arlington, OH

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If you’re like most Americans, you have a basement, garage or attic full of stuff that’s too good to throw away, but no longer has a place in your life. You can turn those unused electronics, collectables, jewelry, or nice clothing into CASH by offering it for sale on one of the world’s biggest online selling platforms—eBay.

Ship Print eSell is known for eBay selling in Upper Arlington, OH. Ship Print eSell can evaluate, photograph, list, sell, pack and ship your items for a fee while helping you turn your “trash into cash”. We are authorized eBay sellers with excellent feedback history/ratings, so potential buyers know we are trustworthy. Better feedback means more buyers.


Current HOT items to sell:

- Almost ANYTHING DIsney! Vintage toys, dolls, purses. Or anything that was a "limited" release purchased from Disney World or Disney Land only. 

- Vintage toys, such as: 1980s Transformers, He-Man, Star Wars, Hot Wheels, GI Joe, etc. People love collecting these right now! 

- Legos!  These are always a hit, especially if unopened! 

- Vintage film cameras, like Nikkon or Hasselblad. 1970s is great decade for these!

- Signed sports memorabilia. There is always someone looking for signed apparel or cards. A signature verification/certification will increase value!

There is an art to successful selling on eBay, and the professional staff at Ship Print eSell are eBay artists. We’ll put our expertise to work to ensure you get the most bucks for your stuff

Just bring your items to us and we’ll handle the rest!

Our eBay Services Include:

  • Digital pictures
  • eBay listing with item description and details
  • Answer prospective buyer questions about listed items
  • Determine packing and shipping costs
  • Confirming the sale transaction
  • Handling payments
  • Packing, shipping and proof of delivery
  • Problem resolution (if necessary)

If you’re an active eBay seller or buyer, you know professional packing and timely shipping are a key element of a successful model. Customers expect their purchases to arrive in perfect condition as fast as possible, for the best price. If you live in the Upper Arlington, OH area, let Ship Print eSell handle your packing and shipping while you focus on selling!

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